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We Stock Beautiful Wool

Fantastic Knitting Needles, Looms & Much More... 

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Patterned Bias Binding

A Shop With All The Trimmings

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British Blanket Binding

Blanket Binding Ribbon

Narrow Fabrics

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Metallic Trims

Metallic Fabrics

Tapes And Webbings

All Webbing Tape Cotton Acrylic Twill Tape

 Beautiful British Ribbon

Ribbon and Trimmings

We Sell Full Reels of Fabric Tape

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Buy The Reel Or Buy A Metre

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 Webbing Tape For Tote Bags And Apron Strings

Sewing and Dressmaking Supplies

Sewing Supplies

Lace Trimmings and Braids 

Beautiful Lace

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Classic Ric Rac

Daisy Braid Trimming Ribbon

Daisy Braid Trim

Christmas Ribbons Trimmings Bunting

Narrow Fabrics For Seasonal Projects

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 Trimmings And Decorative Braid

trimmings braid fabric edgings

 Herringbone Webbing

All Webbing Tape Cotton Acrylic Twill Tape

 Bag Handles Apron Ties Tape

 metallic threads and fabrics

Sparkling Metallic Threads

 patterned bias trims

Narrow Fabrics For Sewing Projects

Cotton Twill Tapes

Cotton Bunting Tape

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It's A Wrap With Our Ribbons

Christmas organza fabric

Fabulous Organza and Tulle 


Creating And Crafting With You In Mind

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 Party Costume Glitter Thread

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Find A Trimming Or Fabric for Your Sewing Design

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Modern and Traditional Trimmings

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 Luxurious Braid at Low Prices

Cotton Tape for Halloween Crafts Dressmaking

Cotton Tape for Seasonal Crafts

classic and vintage ribbons


Bright Prints

We Stock Bright & Beautiful

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And Seasonal Must Haves Under One Roof

Tapes and Webbings

  Webbing Tape For Apron Strings and Tote Bags

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Essential Dressmakers Tools

Hand Sewing Needles

Sewing Supplies

Sewing and Haberdashery Products

 Habby Products

patterned bias trims

Fab Fabrics

 metallic threads and fabrics

 Metallic Glitter Thread

Patterned Bias Binding Ribbon

Cotton and Satin Bias Binding 

Lace Trimmings

Beautiful Lace Trims

Berisfords Ribbons

Fabulous Ribbons 

hearts organza

Sheer Organza Fabrics

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Themed Buttons

red hearts pattern cotton bias binding 

Cotton Crafts

rowan lace

Crochet Thread

rowan fair isle legwarmers

Yarn for Winter Woollies

Organza Fabrics Snow Sheer Wedding Bridal

Fabric Supplies

 ribbons trimmings bunting trims

Ribbons and Trims 

Tapes and Webbings

Tapes and Webbings

Patterned Fabrics

Cotton Bias Binding

satin bias made in britain 

Satin Bias Binding

Blanket Binding Ribbon 

Blanket Binding Tape

 ric rac braid

Ric Rac Trim

organza fabrics 

Voile Fabric

 tulle fabrics


 Cotton Twill Tapes

Cotton Twill Tape

 sewing supplies

Sewing Favourites 

Netting Material

Net Fabrics

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Fabric Repair Products 

Repair Products 

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curtain making supplies 

Curtain Supplies

 Daisy Braid Trimming Ribbon

Trimming Braid

 Dressmakers Pins Sewing Supplies 


And Dressmaking Supplies

lace edge fabrics

Lace Edged Fabrics

crafts and kits

Crafts and Kits


embroidery thread bobbins 

Cross Stitch 

bag handles 

Bag Handles

Cake Decorating Baking Tools 

Baking Tools 

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Crochet Thread

 crochet hooks 

Crochet Hooks

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Knitting Wool

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Knitting Needles

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Knitting Patterns 

Knitting Looms Board Looms Gadgets

Knitting Looms


 Established In 2004, We Specialise In Sewing, Knitting, Crochet

Crafts, Trimmings, Tapes And Haberdashery


Ribbons And Trimmings Classic Traditional And Modern
From Braid To Webbings, Narrow Fabrics To Tutu Net
We Stock A Fabulous Range Of Patterns And Colours

Seasonal Colours

Seasonal Colour

Berries n Cherries Bias

Berry Cherry

flower print bias

Floral Prints

Patterned Bias Binding Ribbon

Classic Retro

Gorgeous Ginghams

Gingham Checks

Metallic Bias Bindings

Metallic Trims

Tapes and Webbings

Tapes Webbings

Satin Blanket Binding Ribbon

Blanket Binding

Ribbons Bobbins Tapes

Lace Trimmings

Ribbon and Trimmings




Sewing Supplies 

Sewing Supplies

 Dressmakers Tools

Gadgets Tools

Haberdashery Supplies


 Cotton Tape Herringbone Webbing Tape India Tape

Cotton Tape

Bag Handle Tapes 

Bag Handle Tape





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We Specialise In Knitting Wool Crochet Yarn Crafts
Tapes Webbings Bias Binding Lace Braid Haberdashery
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Premium Quality British Ribbons Traditional Old Charm and Modern! Sparkling Metallic Glitter Sewing Thread
Welcome to Knit Sew & Craft. If you are looking for inspiration for your knitting, sewing or craft project, then you have come to the right place. Founded in 2004 and one of the most versatile online crafts, trimmings, haberdashery and sewing shops, we remain as committed to our customers today as we were on the first day of trading, providing top notch products, first class service, secure shopping and fast despatch. We have a strong belief in our business, thousands of happy customers around the world, and we will always go the extra mile
Organza Fabrics Snow Sheer Wedding Bridal organza fabrics

Whether You Are Working On Flag Bunting Home Made Gifts Card Crafts Or Interior Decorations,  We Stock Craft Products And Trimmings To Add Impact Texture And Dimension To Your Project

ribbons trimmings bunting trims 

Need Sewing & Dressmaking Supplies? We’ve Got It Sewn Up!

From Thimbles To Buttons, Tape Measures To Pin Cushions

We Have A Great Selection Of Quality Products For Your Project

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Fab Ribbons, Bias Fabrics Spider Web Tulle, Organza For Parties And Crafts. Great Colours Not Fancy Prices!

Spider Web Netting Fabric

Stylish Trimmings For All Seasons From Winter Whites To Sumptuous Golds And Berry Reds

winter white bias fabrics gold colour bias for christmas crafts

Whether you are a quilter, patchworker, all-round craftsperson or sewist, you know how essential is to have the correct tools for your project. Find all your favourite brands and everything you need for your sewing and craft project under one roof, from needles and pins to embroidery rings and colourful ribbons. We stock a large range of tapes, ribbons, braid, dressmaking tools, sewing threads, snap fasteners, buttons, zips, quilting, patchwork and habby supplies. We also have a large range of narrow fabrics and trimmings in a fabulous colour palette. All of our stock items are reasonably priced and will help to give your project a truly professional finish

Creative Tools Gadgets & Products To Inspire Budding Beginners And Experienced Crafters
prym flower loom 624156 French Knitting Dolly Knitting Nancy Yarn Bobbin Tricotin DARICE DESIGNER BOWDABRA darice crochet hooks set large sizes 1167-71
Round Straight S Shaped Knitting Looms darice flat pom pom maker loom 1171 62 darice coloured knitting needles large set 1171-52 darice coloured knitting needles small set 1171-51

Looking for a special birthday gift or a new craft idea? We stock creative crafts, gadgets, tools, both traditional and modern. Choose from knitting looms, bead looms, Bowdabra Bow Makers, tatting shuttles, knitting dollies, embroidery by numbers, and much much more 


These Are Some Of Our Main Shop Categories

 Woven Webbing Tape Category

Cotton Bias Binding Category

Satin Bias Binding Category

Cotton Tape Twill Tape Category

Half Metre Fabrics Webbing Tapes Category

Lace Trimmings Guipure Category

Elastics and Tapes Category

Blanket Binding Ribbon Category

Decorative Fabric Braid Category

Dressmaking Category

Haberdashery Category

Net Fabrics

Curtain Making Accessories Supplies Category

Ribbons Category

Ric Rac Category

Daisy Braid Trim Category


Organza Fabrics Category

Spider Web Net Category

Ribbon Roses Satin Bows Category

Sewing Supplies Category

Buttons Category

Prym Press Snap Fasteners Poppa Snaps Category

Zips and Fasteners Category

Dressmakers Scissors and Tools Category

Olfa Cutters Mats Blades Category

Interfacing Interlining Category

Bag Handles Category

Crafts and Kits Category

Cross Stitch Embroidery Category

Cake Supplies Icing Tools Category

Knitting Equipment and Supplies Category

Knitting Needles Category

Knitting Wool Yarn Category

Knitting Patterns and Books Category

Crochet Yarn Mercerised Cotton Thread Category

Crochet Hooks Category

Crochet Patterns Books Category



 Beautiful Narrow Fabrics From Us, Direct To You

We supply beautiful narrow fabrics and trimmings to creative people around the world direct from our online shop in the heart of Kent. Whether you like polka dots, candy cane stripes, tartan plaid, botanical paisley print, gingham checks, valentines hearts, or flower patterned fabrics, we have a colourway and design to suit your dressmaking, quilting, patchwork, applique, craft and flag bunting project