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Our versatile woven herringbone webbing tape and cotton twill tape (India tape) is used for flag bunting strings and flag pennants, chef's apron strings, sturdy ties on closing garments (hospital gowns) and privacy curtains, cook's pinafore ties, workwear apparel, horse blankets, kitchen garments, chair cushion/seat pad and quilt cover ties, casings, crafts, seam binding, dressmaking, table runners, table mats, and lightweight shopping bag handles. We stock a range of different widths and our twill tape is sold by the reel, or in cut to order lengths. The smallest size, 6mm, is often used to make glove/mitten ties. Colour Matching: Please note that we cannot guarantee a perfect match for additional purchases of a particular product previously purchased. This is due to the fact that we source textiles, ribbons, blanket binding, bias binding, webbing tapes, narrow fabrics, trimmings etc., from different manufacturers/suppliers. It is common for dyelot numbers and colour shading to vary between the many hundreds of metres of fabric purchased, due to manufacturing changes, when our stock is replenished and new consignments arrive. This is particularly relevant to all cut to order items and is something that is beyond our control and we cannot guarantee that additional purchases of the same product will be a perfect colour match for previous orders due to this and the high volume of sales continually processed through our website. What is the difference between standard cotton tape and woven herringbone webbing? Woven herringbone tape, available in supersoft acrylic or cotton material, is a thicker gauge fabric tape than our standard cotton twill tape, has the visible herringbone pattern and, in addition to workwear, apron ties, it is used to create seam binding around blankets, horse turnout rugs/blankets, fabric loops on dressmaking projects, boning channels on garments and to strengthen corset waistlines and seams. Herringbone webbing is similar to densely woven Prussian tape but is not an upholstery tape.  To view our range of half metre lengths of tapes, trimmings, braid and webbings, please click here. We also stock professional cake decorating and baking equipment, at affordable prices. To view our range of Little Venice Cake Company products, please click here



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